Our Impact


270 trained. 270 lives changed.

92% placement rate for our graduates
85% 12-month job retention 

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“I was looking for some way to get back into the workforce with vocational skills. The CKP program taught me the kitchen instinct. By learning those things, it gave me momentum to find a job.”




“Community Kitchen gives you all the tools and everything you need to know about cooking. You get free schooling, you get knowledge, you get something you can carry with you for the rest of your life.”




“Don’t underestimate the classes and resources Community Kitchen provides, utilize them all to the hilt. This place will make you dependable, reliable, and a team player; so just keep showing up!”



“When I came to Community Kitchen, I wasn’t sure what I was going to get from it. By the time I graduated I was actually confident enough to walk into an establishment and sell myself. "




“The program is very helpful to my success and I appreciate everyone and everything that CKP is and will do for me...”




“CKP is a wonderful place for anyone who has a plan or don't ...what ever it is CKP will always be there for you and the community. If you're looking to get in culinary trade this is the perfect place to go. The staff here are willing to help you grow and aim to the heights you're aiming for. Even if culinary isn't something you're sure of, this place still can help you out with anything either it be schooling or job searching. For example, I was interested in culinary but wasn't looking to be in that type of fieldonce I graduated they helped me get to where I wanted to be, which is botany. After I graduated I was able to start an apprenticeship with Grow Pittsburgh. Without them I don't think I'd be where I'm at today, so if anyone is looking for an opportunity CKP is the perfect place to start.”



“CKP gave me the opportunity to dedicate myself to something and enhance skills I didn't know I had. They took me in like family, challenged me, motivated me, lended hands and support to get me to reach my personal goal, to setting new goals and to see them come to pass and to actually encounter people who are willing to teach and work with me to make things happen. CKP will forever be apart of me. If you're looking for laughes, fun, WORK (that pays off) or just simply tryna find your way.. Community Kitchen of Pittsburgh is the place to start... “




“If you have no direction, CKP gives you a positive direction to steer your life.”




“I learned that it is okay to ask for help. It’s hard work but you get out of it what you put into it – I’m also proud to say I was part of the biggest graduating class, Class 19! I’m already using so much of what I learned at CKPgh.”


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